Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Taiwan, Korea, and Disney World Trip Part 1: Taiwan

Hey y'all!
    I am finally back home in the states! My vacation with my family has been great! I wanted to show y'all what I did during my trip. :) Before we left for Taiwan, we went shopping for some short sleeved shirts. ( it is REALLY hot in Asia! :)) My mom kindly bought me a pair of Toms so that my feet wouldn't hurt when I walked in my sandals.
The EVA lounge that we stayed at at the airport was super nice. I just had to show you the cute little Chinese coke and sprite cans.

Aren't they so cute and little? :) After eating at the lounge, I got bored so I began to look at the magazines. On one of the pages, I saw this really cute Hello Kitty necklace!
On the airplane, it was literally filled with Hello Kitty! :) The plane was Hello Kitty and the airplane pillows were Hello Kitty. 
Also the screens played Hello Kitty too.
Even the food was Hello Kitty!! :P

First, my family and I went to Taipei 101, and in the building, there is a restaurant called Din Tai Fung.  Din Tai Fung has the best dumplings in the world. They are known for their famous Xiao Long Bao. It is a dumpling filled with pork and beef broth. When you put it in your mouth. The dumpling broth seems to explore in your mouth. It so flavorful and delicious! :)

After lunch, my mom and I got thirsty. So, my dad bought us a cold watermelon smoothie
The next day, we went to a restaurant called LA Pizza. They have handmade noodles in their pasta, and it is delicious!!
Several days later, I finally decided to make Cotton from All About Ami. The pattern is awesome! :) The pattern can be found here. This is my Cotton!!

So, that's all for today!! Stay tuned for Part 2: Korea Trip and Florida Trip!! :)

Anna out.

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