Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Taiwan, Korea, and Disney World Trip Part 2: Korea and Disney World

Hey y'all!!
     I decided to post about my Korea and Disney World trip together because I didn't take that many pictures. :( When I arrived in Korea with my family, we went to the Courtyard Mariot hotel, and it was super nice. While we were in Korea, my dad bought a Korean stile cheese Danish from a bakery near the hotel.
( I also posted this photo on my Instagram. You can find it here)
After that, we went to a fish market. We bought some fish and we ate it that day!! :D It was delicious. 

After Korea, my family and I went to Disney World...
First my family and I went to the Epcot theme park. I do not have any photos, but the food there was super yummy!! :P We were officially in Disney World!! :)
Next, we went to the Magic Kingdom. Now that my siblings and I are older, we were able to ride all of the roller coasters. By far, Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain have got to be my favorites in that theme park. The waits for all of the roller coasters that we rode on, were super long, but we managed to get fastpasses for most of them. :) Sadly, it rained that day. My family and I went to a Disney store to wait until the rain stopped. I was looking around, ans then I saw this super adorable Minnie Mouse plushie!
After the Magic Kingdom, we went to the Animal Kingdom. First we went on Mount Everest. I was a little scared because my dad said that it was a scary roller coaster, but it was really fun! (It wasn’t too scary. :P) After that, we went on the Safari tour and we saw so many cool animals!
After seeing the animals, we went on a ride called DINOSAUR. I thought that it wouldn’t be that scary, but how wrong was I! :) It was very scary. :P My mom and I were screaming the whole time.

The last theme park that we went to was the Hollywood Studios. My favorite ride we went on was the Tower of Terror. It was so fun! :) Next we went to The American Idol Experience. The winner of the competition sounded so good, but I liked one of the other contestants better.
Well, that’s it for now! :) My whole trip was a blast. Please stay tuned for more of my posts and patterns!

Anna out.

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