Friday, August 2, 2013

Granny Potholder Tutorial/ Pattern.

I was on Stephanie Jessica Lau's blog and I saw one of her posts here about some potholders that she made. I loved them and decided to make my own pattern for a potholder. To tell you the truth, I hate to crochet row by row.  As the solution, I decided to make a Granny Potholder! :) This post is a step-by-step blog post.
  First, I made a Granny Square using this video tutorial. ( Note: You NEED to use the video tutorial because this is a different way to make a Granny Square. Instead of binding off in the middle of the square, you bind off at the corner of the square. If you do not understand what I am saying, you will need to watch the video to understand what I am talking about. )

I started out by crocheting the first round.

Then, i crocheted the 2nd and 3rd round

Then, I crocheted the 4th and the 5th round

After single crocheting into the ch 3 to join, I chained 12

 Then I did s sl st into the same ch 3 to form a loop
After that, I chained one and turned the whole piece.
Then, I worked 12 sing crochets into the ch 12 sp.
After that, I binded off and weaved in the loose ends. 

And there you have it!! :) I hope you enjoyed this post. If you make these potholders, please send a picture of them to me at I will feature them on a future blog post. :) Please stay tuned for more patterns and tutorials coming soon.

Till then, Happy Crocheting!

Anna out. 

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