Saturday, July 2, 2016

Stuff from Korea :P

Hi everyone! I'm back from Korea! I went to Korea with my family and friends from church for summer missions. while I was there, I picked up some stuff I needed on our free days.

First, I went to Innisfree because I needed some skin care products. Korea skin care products tend to work better on my skin rather than American skin care products. I first got their sunscreen from their sunflower collection. Innisfree has different themes for their skin care and the sunflower collection was the only one that had sunscreen with SPF 50.
 Next, I got a pot of moisturizer from their green tea collection. My skin is very dry, and my skin produces its own natural oil to moisturize my face, but the natural oil my skin produces clogs my pores and breaks me out. To prevent this, I got a moisturizing lotion that keeps me oil free all day and Innisfree's pore cleaning foaming face wash.
Innisfree was having a special deal on their lipbalms, so I bought one and got one for free( I gave the other lipbalm to my sister).

On one weekend, the summer missions team went to 남대문(NamDaeMoon). I bought a totoro shirt to add to my growing colection of Totoro merch, and I also bought  charmander socks and totoro socks to add to my kawaii socks collection. 

 While I was in Korea, I helped out at Berkeley Exchange (English tutoring) with the team, and there I met a sweet college student named 강지현(Kang JiHyun) who always bought the team and me snacks. At the last day of Berkeley Exchange, she gave everyone face masks. 지현언니 감사합니다!

My parents and brother needed some pens and notebooks for their upcoming studies at Hebrew school in Israel. While they bought their supplies at a store called Morning Glory, I also picked up 2 erasable pens and multiple colourful felt tip pens.

Chupa chups! These are my favourite candies of all time, and even though some stores in America sell them, I was only able to find them in Korea. While I was in Korea, I often went to the convenient stores to stock up on Chupa Chups. :P I think I bought too many Chupa Chups...Hopefully, I won't get any cavities! :P

That's it for today's post! I hope you liked it! Until the next post, Happy Crocheting and Crafting!!


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