Monday, February 3, 2014

Vinnie the Red Pig

I love pigs. :) They are so cute, and I always wanted to make one. :) After drawing many sketches of cute cartoon pigs, I finally had a perfect drawing:
Then I started making the head by using my favourite yarns. Patons Grace.
Once I made the head and sewed on the ears, the pig looked like a cat! But after I made the nose, it started to look like a pig. :)
Making Vinnie's body was a challenge. I wanted him to have joined legs, so that he would look cuter. By using All About Ami's post on the P.J. Teddy's joined legs and body, the legs became easier to make. After making the legs and body, I made two small arms, and attached them the Vinnie. The tail was also a challenge. It was a little hard for me to curl the tail and sew it in place. Then, I decided to make the tail, curl it and sew it in place,THEN sew to Vinnie. And it worked! :) then, I sewed the tail onto Vinnie.Then, Ta-da! Vinnie was done!
Vinnie is a great pal!
Vinnie loves music. :D
Here's a closer view to Vinnie's tail. It's so small and cute!!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and stay tuned for the pattern that will be coming out very soon!

Have a great day of crocheting,

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