Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Mom's Birthday

Hey y'all!!!
Today is my mom's birthday and I decide to make her a pair of slippers. It was a LONG story on how I decided to make her slippers.
First, I made her a puff stitch cowl by Jessica Lau but it was too short so I gave it to myself... :) Next, I decide to make her an urban slouchy hat, nut she said that she didn't look good in hats so i had to give that away to myself. :D hee hee....
FINALLY, I decide to make her slippers. I was inspired by Jessica Lau's slippers but her pattern was vague so I made the pattern by myself. Here is what they look like:

yup that's what they look like!! :P Thanks so much for viewing this post. Please comment or contact me as well.:)
Bye, y'all!!

Anna out.


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  2. it wasn't a pattern. It was just the sbs photos of how she made it!! so it wasn't a pattern... haha.. :D I am making ur "luv slippers", but I am not sure if you are supposed to call it 'flower slippers' or 'love slippers'. LOVE the pattern, and it's SUPER easy :)