Monday, July 8, 2013

Crochet Corner: Simple Puff Stitch Flower

Here are all of the people who made my Simple Puff Stitch Flower:

First is Sandia0505. I love how she made the flower with 6 petals! I think it looks cute.
Next there is Luinwen's. She made so many of them!!
Then denann made some of her flowers as appliqu├ęs for her daughter's dress and accessories. Doesn't it look so dainty?:)
Next, is gnosiophile's flowers. I thought that it was creative how she used 2 strands of yarn for her flowers!!

Finally, ColoradoMom made many flowers. She was the first one to make my flowers, and I thought that she did an awesome job! :) Her flower is simple but pretty.

That's it for today!! :) Thanks so much for viewing this post! Stay tuned for more patterns. You can make my Simple Puff Stitch Flower. When you do, please send me a picture of them, and I will post them on a Crochet Corner, too! :D Happy Crocheting!!!

Anna out. 

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