Saturday, August 17, 2013

Baby Koala

I was looking through one of my crochet books and saw this adorable pair of amigurumi koalas!!

I didn't want to make the Mommy Koala, so I decided to only make the Baby Koala!!:)

First, I started to make the head.

Then, I added the eyes and stuffed it.
Next, I cut an oval shape out of black felt and glued it to the baby's face! :)
Then, I made a cute pair of ears and sewed them onto his head.
After that, I made the body and attached it to the head.

After doing this, I was about to give up on making this little guy, because I don't like to make limbs. However, I REALLY wanted to finish him. So, I made all 4 limbs and attached them to his little body. :)

Then!!!!! He was FINALLY done!!! :D I love this little guy... :P
My baby koala is really small. He is probably about 3 inches tall!
This little koala helps Link guard my desk. He's such a good little helper. :)

I hope you enjoyed this post! Please stay tuned for more patterns, tutorials, and more!

Happy Crocheting!
Anna out.

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