Monday, November 18, 2013

Collaboration with JP Custom Kicks

 So, JP Custom Kicks customizes shoes for people, and the owner wanted to collaborate with me to make a shoe. However, he couldn't think of anything that I could crochet to put on a shoe, so instead he made these SUPER cute Totoro Toms shoes, and I will make a plush Totoro that will come with the shoe if you purchase it. I received this pair of shoes on Sunday and when I saw them, I thought they were fantastic!
These shoes are so cute! :) They were cleverly made too. 
And instead of the back tag saying Toms, it says Totoro instead! So clever! 

I am currently still making the Totoro, but it will be done very soon. All of the credit goes to JP Custom Kicks for making the whole shoe. Here is his Instagram where you can see all of the shoes he customized:  

Have a wonderful day of crocheting and crafting! 

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