Wednesday, November 27, 2013

DIY Totoro Shirt

I love Totoro. When I looked at my Totoro shoes that I posted here, I thought that it would make a super cute shirt if I added some simple pieces of felt to a casual grey shirt! :)
 I had an ugly grey shirt that I never wore. So, I decided to make that shirt into a Totoro shirt.

  • White and black felt
  • glue gun and LOTS of glue sticks. 
  • scissors
  • embroidery needle
  • grey yarn
  • Grey shirt
 ~Step 1~ Wash the grey shirt or make sure that the shirt is clean
~Step 2~ With the white felt, cut out a long oval and 2 small circles. ( The sizes of the oval and circles depends on what you think would look best.) 
~Step 3~ With the black felt, cut out a small triangle, 2 small circles that can fit on top of the white circles, and 4 thin long strips. 
~Step 4~ With the needle and grey yarn, embroider 3 upside down v's on the top row. Then embroider 2 upside down v's on the bottom row. 
~Step 5~ With the glue gun, glue the white oval on the shirt 3-5 inches below the neck hole. 
~Step 6~ Then glue the white circles 1-2 inches above the white oval.
~Step 7~ Glue the black circles on top of the white circles. 
~Step 8~ Glue the black triangle in the middle of the eyes. 
~Step 9~ Glue 2 of the black strips below the eyes next to the nose. Repeat for the other 2 strips on the opposite side.
~Step 10~ Let the glue dry

And voila! You're done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. 
Have a great day of crocheting and crafting!