Saturday, October 19, 2013

What Yarns Do I Use?

Well, a reader of my blog named Haley commented on one of my posts asking me what kind of yarn I crochet with. I crochet with all different types of yarn! :) I have soooo many favourites! When I had time, I made a small list of my favourite yarn brands:

  • Lion Brand Vanna's Choice ( worsted weight yarn)
  • Lion Brand Cozy Wool ( Chunky yarn)
  • Patons Grace ( mercized cotton yarn)
  • Lily Sugar n' Creme (cotton yarn)
  • Loops and Threads Impeccable Solids (Worsted weight yarn)
  • Red Heart Soft Yarn ( Worsted Weight Yarn)
  • Red Heart Super Saver Solids. (Worsted weight yarn)

I like to crochet scarfs, hats, bags, and other useful items with Lion Brand Vanna's Choice yarn. I highly recommend that you do not use this yarn when making amigurumi because this yarn fuzzes easily.

With the Lion Brand Cozy Wool, I like to crochet only slouchy hats and scarfs with that yarn. I NEVER use chunky yarn to make amigurumi because chunky yarn is way too thick for my 2.00 mm crochet hook.

I love Patons Grace yarn! I use it to make amigurumi because it does not fuzz, and the yarn is very soft.

I also often use Lily Sugar n' Creme yarn when I run out of Patons Grace yarn. In general, I LOVE cotton yarn. This yarn is not as soft as Patons Grace yarn because it is not mercized cotton, but it is very strong and durable. I love this yarn so much. :)

 I like to use Loops an Threads Impeccable Solids yarn. I only get this yarn in two shades, and those shades are lovely shade of hot light pink and a multicolored yarn. I love the color of the pink yarn more because it goes perfectly with a dark or light grey, and I highly recommend that you do not use this yarn when making amigurumi. It fuzzes a lot, and I only use this yarn when making Granny Squares or blankets.

I love to use Red Heart Soft Yarn when making hats and scarfs only because it is super soft. If you want to make a fuzzy amigurumi, this yarn is perfect for that project. I highly recommend that you do not use this yarn when making amigurumi unless you want your amigurumi to be nice and fuzzy.

I hope this post helped a lot! :) Have a wonderful day of Crocheting and Crafting!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Crochet Corner: Amigurumi Cupcake

On my blog, I posted an amigurumi cupcake pattern. On Ravelry, someone made three of them, and I thought that all of them were so super cute!!:) I loved all of them so I decided to post all of them on a Crochet Corner!
I love how this one has such a colorful frosting top!!:) 

This one is my personal favourite, because the top is so fluffy and cute. 

 I thought this one looked super fun and had a tail of frosting coming out of its head!!:) looks like this cupcake is ready for a party. :) 

Well, that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you want to make your own cupcake, you can find it by typing in Amigurumi Cupcake Pattern in the search box. I hope you have a wonderful day of crocheting and crafting!:)