Saturday, October 8, 2016

Christmas Project: Stockings!

Yes, I know it is wayyyy too early to think about Christmas, but I have always wanted to make Christmas stockings for my family. For the past 2 years, I have attempted to knit/crochet some, but always failed. However, this year I am determined to successfully knit 4 stockings(one for each family member) and stuff each one with mini gifts for my family.

To make the stockings, I decided to use chunky yarn and big knitting needles to make sure my stocking is extra big and sturdy. The yarn I am using is the same yarn I used to make my shrug sweater. 

I did not want to write or make up a pattern for the stockings since my knitting skills are not as advanced as my crocheting skills. So, I found this awesome pattern on Ravelry. It is originally supposed to be a stocking ornament, but I have already used this pattern to make baby socks. Since I am using chunky yarn and big knitting needles, the stocking will not be as small as it is supposed to be. Before knitting my stockings, I rolled the chunky yarn into one giant ball and one smaller ball.

To make the first stocking, I knitted it with the yarn and size 11 knitting needles. I love this patterns, because you knit the stockings flat, then sew it together at the end.
One stocking done!

To personalize my stockings, I cut out letters from black felt. For my dad, I cut and glued letters that spelled 아빠(abba). For my mom, I cut out 엄마(umma), 언니(unni) for my older sister, and 오빠(obba) for my older brother (good thing I don't have a younger sibling! Cutting out 남동생 or 여동생out of felt would have been a headache! :D)

To make a little loop on the top sides of the stockings to hang them, I just crocheted a chain of 20 sts and sewed it to my stockings. I finished knitting all four!
Then, I glued on the felt letters.

TADA! All done! I am planning on stuffing them with chocolates and other goodies for their Christmas gifts! I will update you what I put in them later. Now, I just have to hide these stockings somewhere till Christmas... :P

Till next post, Happy crocheting and crafting!