Saturday, December 20, 2014

Amigurumi Pear Pattern

Ah, I missed you all sooo much! :) it has been such a long time since I posted something. High school so far has been very tiring and busy for me, but once in a while I promise to create a new amigurumi pattern for you all.

I have seen many Amigurumi pears all over Ravelry, so I decided to create my own! :) 
I started off by using Patons Grace mercerized cotton yarn in "Ginger" which is a beautiful light green, and I used my 2.00 mm Clover Amour crochet hook.

Once I finished crocheting the body and attaching the eyes, my pear looked like this:
To me, it looked like a green
Once I finished making the body, I made the stem and leaf.
Once I sewed the stem and leaf and embroidered a V shaped mouth to the pear, it looked much more like a pear than a raindrop! :)

If you look closely, you can see that I added some blush to my pear's cheeks.
Since I was too lazy to buy fabric paint, I used stamp ink instead! :) 
First I used a pink ink pad, then I rolled a tiny ball of yarn and rubbed the yarn onto the ink pad, then rubbed the yarn on the cheeks of the pear.
Then, my pear was done!! Here is the pattern:

Patons Grace mercerized cotton yarn in "Ginger"
Size 2.00 mm Clover Amour crochet hook
Polyester stuffing
Tiny bit of brown yarn
Tiny bit of dark green yarn
Size 9mm plastic safety eyes
Jumbo needle

Pear body:
Ch 2
R1: sc 6 into the second chain away from the hook
R2: sc 2 into every st.(12sts)
R3: (sc1, 2sc into the next st)Repeat all around.(18sts)
R4: ( sc2,2sc into the next st) repeat all around.(24sts)
R5:(sc3,2sc into the next st) repeat all around.(30sts)
R6:(sc4,2sc into the next st) repeat all around.(36sts)
R7:(sc5,2sc into the next st) repeat all around.(42 sts)
R8-R15: sc into every st.(42 sts)
R16:(sc5,dec) repeat all around.(36 sts.)
R17:(sc4,dec) repeat all around.(30sts)
R18-R19: sc in every st. (30 sts)
Attach safety eyes
R20:(sc3,dec) repeat all around(24 sts)
R21:(sc2, dec) repeat all around.(18 sts)
Stuff the piece with polyester stuffing.
R22:(sc1, dec) repeat all around.(12 sts)
R23:(dec) repeat all around.(6sts)
Bind off.

With brown yarn:
Ch 3
Row 1: sc in the 2nd ch away from hook. So in every st across.(2sts)
Row 2-3: ch1,sc in every st. (2sts)
Bind off.

With dark green yarn:
Ch 5
Row 1: sc in the second ch away from the hook,dc,dc,sc. (4sts)
Bind off.

Sew stem and leaf ontop of the pear
Paint blush on the cheeks
Weave in all ends.

And voila! You have created your own pear! Enjoy your new friend!!:)