Sunday, April 23, 2017

Gift Bags/Pouches

Hey y'all!

Long time no see! It has been a very long time since I posted something on this blog. I have been crocheting and crafting, but my school schedule has been crazy busy since I am preparing for all my finals, AP exams, and SAT. However, my junior year in high school is almost over, so I will definitely be blogging more often during the summer and my senior year! :)

Any who...Back to the post... :P

At my church, I help a couple of kids memorize Bible verses at AWANA. Now that summer is approaching and AWANA is coming to an end, I wanted to make some gift bags for them. My plan was to crochet mini pouches and stuff them with goodies. Soooo.....

I started by making four pouches (since I have four kids in my group) each in different colours. For each pouch, I used Patons Grace yarn ( colours: Peacock, Ginger, Blush, and Viola) with a 3.75mm Clover Amour crochet hook. To make the pouch, I just crocheted a long rectangle using the moss/seed stitch, folded it in half, and sewed up the sides

Aren't the colours so pretty?

Next, I ordered a colourful array of zippers from Amazon (I believe it was a pack of 50 zippers for $8).

Before I inserted the zippers, I sewed a lining in the pouches (If you want to learn how to insert zippers and lining into crocheted pouches, you can learn at this post).
In the pink pouch, I inserted a pink lining; in the blue, a yellow lining; in the green, a yellow lining; and in the purple, a white lining. If you can remember, I used the same yellow fabric in the blue and green pouch as I did for my iPad cover.

For the purple pouch, I chose a dark purple zipper; for the pink one, a white zipper; for the blue one, a grey zipper; and for the green pouch, a creme zipper.

Tada! One pouch done! It took me a while to sew and attach the lining and zipper to the pouch, but my trusty sewing machine made it much faster and easier! :D

All pouches done!

In each pouch, I stuffed it with goodies. I filled each pouch with a BonBon Bear, note, and some Hi-Chew candies (I wanted to put in more trinkets and goodies, but the pouches were too small to hold any more goodies☺)

I was really happy with how these pouches turned out. They are super cute and can be used in multiple ways (party favor bags, coin purse, makeup pouch, travel pouch, etc.)

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Till next time, Happy crocheting and crafting!