Saturday, December 20, 2014

Amigurumi Pear Pattern

Ah, I missed you all sooo much! :) it has been such a long time since I posted something. High school so far has been very tiring and busy for me, but once in a while I promise to create a new amigurumi pattern for you all.

I have seen many Amigurumi pears all over Ravelry, so I decided to create my own! :) 
I started off by using Patons Grace mercerized cotton yarn in "Ginger" which is a beautiful light green, and I used my 2.00 mm Clover Amour crochet hook.

Once I finished crocheting the body and attaching the eyes, my pear looked like this:
To me, it looked like a green
Once I finished making the body, I made the stem and leaf.
Once I sewed the stem and leaf and embroidered a V shaped mouth to the pear, it looked much more like a pear than a raindrop! :)

If you look closely, you can see that I added some blush to my pear's cheeks.
Since I was too lazy to buy fabric paint, I used stamp ink instead! :) 
First I used a pink ink pad, then I rolled a tiny ball of yarn and rubbed the yarn onto the ink pad, then rubbed the yarn on the cheeks of the pear.
Then, my pear was done!! Here is the pattern:

Patons Grace mercerized cotton yarn in "Ginger"
Size 2.00 mm Clover Amour crochet hook
Polyester stuffing
Tiny bit of brown yarn
Tiny bit of dark green yarn
Size 9mm plastic safety eyes
Jumbo needle

Pear body:
Ch 2
R1: sc 6 into the second chain away from the hook
R2: sc 2 into every st.(12sts)
R3: (sc1, 2sc into the next st)Repeat all around.(18sts)
R4: ( sc2,2sc into the next st) repeat all around.(24sts)
R5:(sc3,2sc into the next st) repeat all around.(30sts)
R6:(sc4,2sc into the next st) repeat all around.(36sts)
R7:(sc5,2sc into the next st) repeat all around.(42 sts)
R8-R15: sc into every st.(42 sts)
R16:(sc5,dec) repeat all around.(36 sts.)
R17:(sc4,dec) repeat all around.(30sts)
R18-R19: sc in every st. (30 sts)
Attach safety eyes
R20:(sc3,dec) repeat all around(24 sts)
R21:(sc2, dec) repeat all around.(18 sts)
Stuff the piece with polyester stuffing.
R22:(sc1, dec) repeat all around.(12 sts)
R23:(dec) repeat all around.(6sts)
Bind off.

With brown yarn:
Ch 3
Row 1: sc in the 2nd ch away from hook. So in every st across.(2sts)
Row 2-3: ch1,sc in every st. (2sts)
Bind off.

With dark green yarn:
Ch 5
Row 1: sc in the second ch away from the hook,dc,dc,sc. (4sts)
Bind off.

Sew stem and leaf ontop of the pear
Paint blush on the cheeks
Weave in all ends.

And voila! You have created your own pear! Enjoy your new friend!!:)


Sunday, May 25, 2014

All Things Must Come To An End

I don't know why, but I thought that the title for this post was dramatically funny. :) But anyways, yeah... I don't know where to start... Uh, so, several years have past by since I began this blog, and guess what? I am going to high school this fall. So, high school means more homework and less time to blog. :) You all probably know by now, that I have very little time( I post about once a month now). So, I think with high school coming up this year, that leaves me absolutely no time to blog. I am very sad. :'( Hopefully, I will post once in a while whenever I have a little bit of time. So, I am going to take a long blogging break. Probably won't post  for a long time. Sorry. :(

Again, I am super sorry that I won't be able to post as much anymore. :( But! I will post as soon as I get more time to! I promise, but I will not post much. Even though I won't post much, I will keep this blog open so that people can still enjoy my patterns. :D

Thank you, everyone, for making this blog fun and a hobby. You all encouraged me a lot, and I had a blast posting and looking at all your sweet creations from my patterns.

Until the next post, happy crafting!

-Anna S.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My new hobby

Long time no post!! :P
As you all know, I decided to pick up a new hobby. I am making polymer clay charms, and this Sunday I will be selling some of them at my church to raise money to support a team that my church is sending to Chile for a missions trip.

To make the charms, I had to buy paint, baking clay, eye pins, and a chain. So I just molded the clay into the shapes that I wanted, and then I baked them!

Can you guess what some of them are? :)

After baking them at 275 degrees for 15 minutes, my charms were nice and hard. Then I painted them, and tada!! I'm done!! Here is a sneak peek of a charm bracelet that I am either planning on selling, or keeping it for myself. :) do you like them? 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Buttons buttons and more buttons...

Hi Everybody!!

Phew! It has been a VERY VERY long time since I posted something up here!! : ) Sadly, I am still very sick, and the doctors still do not know why I am having stomach bloating and stomach pains. However, I finally have energy to post! :D Yay!

Anyways, about 3 months ago, I picked up some buttons with my mom at Michaels. I absolutely LOVED the colours and cuteness of the buttons! :) I also love how many buttons they give you too!!

I bought a green pack and 2 white packs since white is one of my favourite colours. :) 

One thing I love the most about these button packs is how there is a huge button that is the lid of the container!

 Here is how big the lid button is:

 Look how many buttons there are in the container!! I felt like I was in button heaven. :P

I love these buttons, and I will definitely use them a lot in the future. :)

I am so glad that I am able to post something up here, and I hope to post more in the future!

Happy crocheting and crafting!!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pattern~Vinnie the Red Pig

Let's make Vinnie! He is very easy and fun to make. His legs and body can be a little tricky to make, but once you got the technique down, it gets super easy.

 DK red yarn( NOT WORSTED WEIGHT YARN!However, Worsted Weight yarn can be an option, but you will have to use 12mm safety eyes instead of 9mm). ( I used Patons Grace yarn in Cardinal)
Size 2mm crochet hook
Sewing needle
Size 9mm plastic safety eyes
Red felt
Black embroidery floss
Small amount of white yarn
Glue gun with a glue stick in it.
ch 2
R1: 6 sc in the 2nd ch away from the hook
R2: 2 sc in every st around(12sts)
R3: (sc 1, 2sc in the next st) Repeat around.(18sts)
R4: (sc2,2sc in the next st) repeat around.(24sts)
R5: (sc 3, 2sc in the next st) repeat around(30sts)
R6: (sc 4, 2 sc in the next st) repeat around(36sts)
R7: (sc 5, 2sc in the next st) repeat around(42sts)
R8: (sc 6, 2 sc in the next st) repeat around(48sts)
R9,10,11,12,13: sc in every st around.
Insert safety eyes between R12 and R13
R14: (sc6,dec) repeat around
R15: (sc 5, dec) repeat around
R16: (sc 4, dec) repeat around
R17: (sc 3, dec) repeat around
R18: (sc2, dec) repeat around
Stuff the head
R19: (sc1, dec) repeat around
R20: (dec) repeat around
BO with a long tail for sewing

~Ears(Make 2)~
ch 2
R1: 6 sc into the 2nd ch away from the hook
R2: sc in every st around (6sts)
R3: 2sc in every st around (12sts)
R4: sc in every st around (12 sts)
Bo with a long tail for sewing

~Legs(make2) and Body~
ch 2
R1: 6sc in the 2nd ch away from the hook
R2: 2sc in every st. (12sts)
R3 and 4: sc in every st around. (12sts)
Fasten off
After you make the 2nd foot, DO NOT FASTEN OFF!!! Instead,
R5: ch 2 and sc on the the other foot and sc around that same foot, sc 2 on the ch , sc 12 on the other foot, sc2 on the bottom of the chain. (28 sts) (If you are still confused, see All About Ami's post that will help you HERE)
R6: sc 28
R7: (sc5,dec) repeat around. (24sts)
R8,9,10,11,12: sc 24
R13: (sc2,dec) repeat around. (18sts)
R14: ( sc1, dec) repeat around. (12sts)
Stuff piece and BO with a long tail for sewing.

~Arms(make 2)~
Ch 2
R1: 6 sc in the 2nd ch away from the hook
R2,3,4: sc in every st around
Bo with a long tail for sewing

ch 8
Row 1: in the 2nd ch away from the hook, sl st and sl st in every st across.
Bo with a long tail for sewing.


  • Stuff and sew the ears on top of the Vinnie's head
  • With red felt, cut a small circle, and embroider 2 lines with the black embroidery floss. Finally, glue gun it to Vinnie's face. 
  • Sew the Body to the head
  • Sew the arms to Vinnie
  • With the tail, twist it into a spiral and sew in place, then sew the curled tail to the back of Vinnie
  • With the white yarn, tied it around Vinnie's neck and trim if necessary. (if the white yarn is very long, fold it in half and then tie it around Vinnie's neck.)
  • Weave in all loose ends
And voila! You're done! I hope you enjoyed making Vinnie! Enjoy your new friend

Have a great day of crocheting and crafting! 


This pattern is an original pattern by Anna S. from Spool of Sunshine(February 2014). Please do not claim this pattern as your own. If you wish to share this pattern, you may link to this pattern but please do not reprint it on your site. You may keep a copy for your own personal use but you may not sell or distribute it, or sell items made from this pattern.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Vinnie the Red Pig

I love pigs. :) They are so cute, and I always wanted to make one. :) After drawing many sketches of cute cartoon pigs, I finally had a perfect drawing:
Then I started making the head by using my favourite yarns. Patons Grace.
Once I made the head and sewed on the ears, the pig looked like a cat! But after I made the nose, it started to look like a pig. :)
Making Vinnie's body was a challenge. I wanted him to have joined legs, so that he would look cuter. By using All About Ami's post on the P.J. Teddy's joined legs and body, the legs became easier to make. After making the legs and body, I made two small arms, and attached them the Vinnie. The tail was also a challenge. It was a little hard for me to curl the tail and sew it in place. Then, I decided to make the tail, curl it and sew it in place,THEN sew to Vinnie. And it worked! :) then, I sewed the tail onto Vinnie.Then, Ta-da! Vinnie was done!
Vinnie is a great pal!
Vinnie loves music. :D
Here's a closer view to Vinnie's tail. It's so small and cute!!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and stay tuned for the pattern that will be coming out very soon!

Have a great day of crocheting,

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I am very excited to introduce a new friend to y'all! Here is a sneak peek of a new amigurumi design! What do you think? The step-by-step blog post and pattern will be coming out very soon this week!  

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Project~ Long Double Crochet Cowl

In my photoshoot with Nathalie, she took a picture of my Long Double Crochet Cowl. The pattern can be found right here!
Well, I decided to make a full length blog post about it! :) I will provide all the details about his scarf.

First, I used Loops and Threads Cozy Wool yarn in THUNDER. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colour. It is a pretty teal. :)

I followed the pattern and made no changes to it. I loved this pattern and project because it was very easy and quick to make, and I only used 2.5 balls of yarn! : )

I highly recommend that you try this project out. :) The scarf is thick,heavy, and very warm. It would make a great gift.

Have a great day of crocheting and crafting! 


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Giveaway!! Awwww Yeeeeaaaahhhhh!(CLOSED)

YAYY! A GIVEAWAY! As promised, here is the giveaway to celebrate my 1st Blogiversary!! :) These are the keychains that I will be giving away.
First, there is the lime green monster key chain,
Then, there is the chocolate brown monster key chain,
And finally, there is the orange monster key chain!
 Here are the rules and ways to enter:
The way to win one of them is to comment on the post. You have to comment on which monster is your favorite. The 3 winners will be chosen randomly. Here are the instructions:
  • 1. You must comment on this post.
  • 2. You cannot comment more than once.
  • 3. You must also give your email address when you comment.
  • 4. The deadline is  January 21, 2014.
  • 5. The winners emailed on January 22, 2014.

Please comment if you want one of these keychains!:)

Have a wonderful day of crocheting and crafting!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Photoshoot with Nathalie Cheng!

I did a photoshoot with Nathalie and I wanted to share some of the pictures with y'all! :)
This is my long double crochet cowl. The pattern can be found at
This is the sweetheart bunny. The pattern can also be found at
Some monster nugget keychains I'm giving away soon. The pattern is by me! But I did not post it.
Spring bunny!! The pattern can be found at
A teddy bear rattle for a baby! The pattern is by me but I have not posted it.
Teddy bear keychain. You can purchase it in my etsy shop at
Another teddy keychain in the shop.
A tiny latte keychain in the shop too!
An elephant keychain that is in the shop as well.

This is Mochi!! The pattern can be found at

Thank you, Nathalie, for the pictures!! 

Her blog can be found at

Have a great day of crocheting and crafting!!


Monday, January 6, 2014


Two months ago, I finished making the Totoro for the collaboration with jpcustomkicks kicks. 
Here it is!!
Have a great day of crafting and crocheting!