Saturday, May 11, 2013

Give Me a Hug Pillow Pattern!

Hey y'all!
A couple of months ago, I made a puff stitch pillow for my reading couch at home, but I forgot how I made it!! :( So, I decided to make a knitted pillow pattern! :) Yay! The pattern is simple and cute!
This pillow guy is named  Give Me a Hug because its arms are spread out as if it were accepting a BIG hug. :) (It is a little silly. I know.)
Here is the pattern:
2 balls of yarn in different colors that go well together. ( I used Red Heart Yarn in Guacamole, and I also used Vanna's Choice Yarn in Rose.)
Size 10.5 knitting needles.  ( You NEED to use bigger needles for this project.)
Yarn Needle
Two size 12mm plastic safety eyes.
CO 30 sts onto one needle to work straight.
Rows 1- 100: knit ( you can purl if you want, but I liked the bumps from the knit stitch for my pillow.)
Arms. ( make 2)
CO 10 sts onto one needle to work straight
Rows 1-16 : Knit.
Now, make another one! :D

Fold the pillow in half and sew the sides together.( make sure to stuff the pillow before sewing the sides together!!!!!!!!)
Fold the arm in half and sew the sides together.  (Remember to stuff it before sewing it together!) Repeat for the other arm.
Attach the arms to the sides of the pillow with the mattress stitch.
Remember to attach the safety eyes before sewing the pillow closed.
(Optional) Bow
CO 10 sts onto a needle to work straight.
Knit 20 rows in the garter stitch.
Finishing the bow.
Wrap a long piece of yarn around the middle of the bow and sew the bow to the left corner of the pillow.
Weave in loose ends.

And there you have it! Ur all done with the pillow!
Here is the finished product: ( I have decided to make the pillow a girl because of the colors I used to make her.)

Enjoy your new friend!! If you have any questions, simply leave a comment below. Happy knitting/ crocheting!